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Want to know more about software engineering? Read what George, a third year software engineering student from Chicago, has to say about uni and general life as a student.

1. What are you studying?
– I’m studying software engineering at Loyola University in Chicago but I’m currently on exchange at Melbourne University for one semester.

2. How did you get into engineering – what captured your interest?
– My mum worked for someone who was into Software Engineering. He showed me what he could do, and it was really cool stuff at the time, so I knew that afterwards I wanted to do it.

3. Do you have any advice for students considering commencing tertiary study?
– Do NOT procrastinate! These projects get very difficult very quickly. Your mindset has to be practice, practice, practice! Because in computer science, you improve purely on repetition and simulations.

4. Where does your course take you (as a career)?
– There are a few things I can do with this degree, going from becoming a coding rat (an IT Programmer), to doing web development, software architecture, research, software testing, and various other fields.

Georges advice: Do NOT procrastinate!

5. What does your average day at uni consist of?
– An average day consists of going to class, revisions in between classes, grabbing food at the Union House, then hitting up a study area to get some work done to avoid distractions.

6. Which area of uni has become your ‘second home’ when you are studying?
– The ICT has, just because that is where computer science is based out of.

7. How much time do you spend at uni in an average week?
– I spend a good 20-30 hours a week at Uni.

8. Do you work/participate in sport outside of uni? If so how do you balance time between the two?

– I do volleyball outside Uni. You just have to plan out your days around it, and treat it as a de-stresser because work can be stressful at times and one needs a release.

9. Do you have a favourite coffee or food spot on campus?
– I don’t really have a favorite place for coffee or food on campus. If you want pizza, a place called “real meal” has pretty good pizza. Two slices for 5 bucks; can’t go wrong with that! 😉 :)


If you still want to find out more definitely go via the Eastern Resource Centre (‘ERC’) and the Science Students Centre or check out the Unimelb Handbook for Software engineering subjects.