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Greetings all our Real Science Experience minions,

As you will know if you have been here from the start or if you have checked out out info page, we have been conducting this blog as part of a group assignment for a subject teaching us all about how to communicate science to both our colleagues and the public.

Last Thursday we presented to our class, our mentors and our assessors what we’ve done and how effective our task was.

In under two months we’ve accumulated 2780 hits, as well as getting some really valuable insight into how you, the readers of this blog, engaged with us through both your insightful comments and activity on the blog.

Our blog was received really well by everyone: they were impressed not only with the blog itself, but with the readership we have gained in such a small time. So, from all four of us here at The Real Science Experience: thank you! We absolutely could not have done it without you! Sincerely. We would have looked pretty silly reporting that we had no comments and minimal hits. We don’t know our grade yet, but the written feedback we got later was similarly positive.

One question we got asked by many was; would we continue this blog?

We think that should be up to you guys!

You’ve given us the impression that this has really helped some of you, so we feel compelled to continue. But we’ll only do it if the interest is there. So let us know! If you can’t be bothered commenting, we’ve made it really easy for you:

Of course, we’d love to hear from you in the comments, too.

You might be wondering how we celebrated the end of our projects after a semester of hard work. With pizza and cake, of course! Check out some of our pictures from our final seminar!

Two other groups presenting their projects

Cutting cake


Coffee on Campus

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Coffee. Coffee! Coffee? The saviour for many students during exams as it helps you stay alert and brighten up your study breaks. But what’s on the Uni Café Menus?  Cappuccino? Flat white?  Are you, just like I, a beginner in the coffee and espresso world? Here’s a list of what the most common coffee/espresso beverages consist of:

Caffè Latte  – is often called just latte, which means “milk” in Italian. Its made out of one-third espresso and nearly two-thirds steamed milk and is traditionally topped with a foam created from steaming milk.

Cappuccino – Equal parts of  espresso coffee, milk and foam which makes the coffee flavor stronger than the latte. This coffee drink is sometimes sprinkled with cinnamon or cocoa powder.

Flat White – A uniquely Australian coffee, consisting of one part espresso and two parts of steam milk.

Caffè macchiato – An espresso with a little steamed milk added on top. If you say “long” macchiato you get a double espresso.

Latte macchiato – The inverse of a caffè macchiato (ei a little bit of espresso poured into milk)

Mocha – This is a latte with chocolate added

Americano – Made with espresso with hot water added to give a similar strength to brewed coffee

Long black – This coffee drink is most common in Australia and New Zealand and is similar to the Americano but prepared in a different order (espresso added to water instead of vice versa)

Kere Kere

Here at The Real Science Experience, we like to give as much as we receive.

So, to our loyal readers we’re offering a prize: a cinema double pass!

How do you get your hands on one?

We’ll be offering the prize to our top contributer at the conclusion of our assessment on this blog (26th May).

The winner will be chosen based on quality – not just quantity (so spam comments or “good post”-type comments won’t count!).

Bonus points go to anyone who can tell us how they found the blog, what they found useful and what you hoped to see but didn’t!

Be sure to comment with your name and email address so we can keep track of who comments the most!

Cinema by m4tik

*** Disclaimer: Winners will have to be living in Australia – apologies to our international readers!

There is an upcoming Information Night regarding the study of Engineering and Information Technology at Melbourne Uni, open to all uni students and secondary school students if anyone is interested. Overall just a heads-up on what you will be likely to undertake in these fields of study… Details are listed below

Here is a link to the campus map if you need directions
Unimelb Parkville Campus Map

                    Wednesday 11th May 2011 6:30pm -8:30pm
                    Theatre A, Elizabeth Murdoch Building
                    The Univertsity of Melbourne, Parkville Campus,
                    Melbourne Victoria
                    Steph Mollica  (+ 61 3) 8344 3340


Current and Prospective Students


                     Click here to register for this event


This session will cover how to study Engineering and IT at Melbourne.

Registration: 6:30pm
Information session: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

The bedroom philosopher

Line-up for the free BBQ

Free food and music during lunch break is always appreciated 🙂

Everyone loves a good Bucket List. So here are some of the things we compiled from experiences we and other people have had at Uni. These are by no means all recommendations (really, please don’t fail a subject), just a bit of fun!

This is our Bucket List, but what’s yours?

1. Experience O-Week
2. Pretend you’re in a club just to get a free BBQ lunch
3. Go into the ‘No Student Access’ areas
4. Get to uni at 8am to buy tickets to science ball that don’t go on sale until 11.
5. Start an assignment 20 minutes before it’s due (ala Mat)
6. Work hard, play hard (go to Prosh week)
7. Pull an all-nighter
8. Go the Melbourne International Comedy Festival on cheap Tuesday
9. Join a club/society
10. Use the student union member facilities (even if you’re not a member)
11. Fail a subject (hmm actually we don’t recommend this)
12. Find a good coffee shop
13. Avoid metro ticket inspectors
14. Buy a crepe
15. Get death-stared at by a lecture full of hundreds of people for being 5 minutes late
16. Lie in the sun on South Lawn on a perfect summers day
17. Manage to motivate yourself to get up off the lawn at some point
18. Go for a take-away food run whilst still in fancy dress
19. Win a dance-off
20. Wear a morph suit to a social event
21. Have a club war via chalk messages on the pavement
22. Participate in the SSS dodgeball contest
23. Have a profound, philosophical debate in the form of bathroom door graffitti
22. Raise your hand an answer a question in a packed lecture (e.g., Copeland theatre)
23. Wear incorrect footwear to a lab prac and be forced to wear knee-high gumboots
24. Have a professor shout you coffee (of their own accord!)
25. Have your own phone go off during the middle of delivering an oral presentation
26. Sneeze loudly in the middle of a dead quiet study zone
27. Attend a class you’re not enrolled in
28. Get bitten, scratched or bruised by at least 10 different wild animals (ala Rhiannon)
29. Eat from every single food outlet in Union House
30. Consume a hangover breakfast at Uni right before your 8am lecture
31. Get published
32. Call out a lecturer for being wrong (bonus points for doing this without stooping)
33. Take a final exam without studying
34. Take a summer subject
35. Pull an [intelligent] prank on your best friend
36. Spend a night watching the bats and possums in the various gardens around Uni
37. Go to class or an exam in your PJs
38. Perform in a band at Band Tuesdays in North Court
39. Submit an entry in the Make-Your-Own-Film Festival
40. Get lost inside the Baillieu Library
41. Lose your phone/shoes/dignity/other important object at Foam Party
42. Win at MUSU’s or SSS’s Trivia Night
43. Procrastinate without using the internet
44. Buy something from the North Court market (Flea Market Mondays!)
45. Throw someone a surprise birthday party after hours at University
46. Admire the roof of the Royal Exhibition Building midway during an exam
47. … realise you just lost 15 minutes of writing time staring at the roof.
48. Play paint ball
49. Go on a field trip
50. Graduate


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Kimmy and Mat working on new posts for this blog 🙂