Pathway Into the Bachelor of Science #4 Kimmy’s Path

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Pathway into BSc
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Languages at VCE and at University

So you went away on the school trip to another country (for me this was Japan in Year 9) and fancy yourself a (beginner) bilinguist. Many uni’s including Melbourne, offer beginner language subjects for people who’ve never done a language before and higher level classes for people who want to continue a language after VCE. At Melbourne Uni they are called breadth subjects. With the new Melbourne Model even budding young scientists in the Bachelor of Science/Biomedicine can continue or start a language. Just FIY guys, a language is just one avenue. You may have a passion for music, history, African drumming etc. No, I did not make that last one up. So what does this mean for all of you? Depending on how strongly you feel about a language you can do it at VCE or wait until Uni. However guys, you can’t escape the dreaded oral exam wherever you go. It’s just part of doing a language. Here is something else you might find interesting. You can do what is called a Diploma in Languages at the same time as your Bachelor of Science. What happens usually is this stretches out the usual 3 years into 4 years and your breadth subjects are occupied by language subjects.

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