What exactly is Mechanical Engineering?

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Mechanical Engineering
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Simply put, Mechanical Engineering (or ‘Mech Eng’ as the students call it) is the study of energy transfer to create movement and power to complete a desired task.

Mechanical Engineering encompasses many other engineering disciplines leading to studies in fluid mechanics, turbulence, thermodynamics, control and biomechanics just to name a few. Being an engineering course, computer skills are a necessary part of weekly uni life.

We use a wide range of programs that simplify pages of written work into succinct lines of code that solve complex problems that real people face every day or make 3D representations of what we are working on. Keeping in mind that Mechanical Engineering definitely isn’t the only faculty on campus (although it’s definitely high on the ‘to check out list’) I’m positive that there is something that will interest every single individual despite the wide array of future careers or employment that you may have in mind.

As I started at The University of Melbourne in 2009 I went straight into the new ‘Melbourne Model’ for the Bachelor of Science and took the engineering pathway from there. After my undergraduate course I plan to undertake the Masters of Mechanical Systems, hopefully involving some degree of aerodynamics and jet propulsion into my final year project. For those that are interested in some field of engineering I highly recommend going to all the uni open days and graduate fairs, just to get an idea of some of the things that engineering students are working on, and where your future studies may take you.

The above shows a typical production process from concept to completion, that is testing, modelling and finally production

(omitting a few steps here such as the countless hours debugging or correcting errors in the model 🙂 however the end product is definitely worth it!!)

One of the final year projects undertaken every year is the Formula SAE Championship – a scaled up version of go-karting where uni students design the vehicle from the very beginning all the way to eventually racing it against other universities in Australia and the Pacific. This final year project like many others involves a group of students committed to completing a task and then getting graded on their performance and the end product. These projects can be viewed at the Endeavour Expo annually (27th October 2011, 11am-4pm @ Wilson Hall University of Melbourne) where groups present their projects to prospective employers, members of industry as well as current and future students.

  1. SJ says:

    Very informative post with interesting insights on mech eng! This will help a lot of us (including me – an engineering student) who are familiar with the term “mech eng” but do not know exactly what a mechanical engineer does.

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