Pathway Into the Bachelor of Science #2 Kimmy’s Path

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Pathway into BSc
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Doing a unit 3 & 4 subject before year 12:

Hi guys! So first up I’m not here to encourage or discourage you from taking a higher level subject. I’m here to let you in on a couple of things I didn’t really think through when I was making this decision:

I went to your average public school with some VCE level subjects on offer from year 10. In year 11 I took psychology units 3 & 4 without having done units 1 & 2.  For the upside, I had that extra subject to boost up my enter and the content was not too difficult to learn. However I did not have the independent study motivation that the year twelves did.

Completing a higher level subject usually means you need to devote more time to that subject to understand the material and there is usually more set and ‘unofficial’ homework that goes with it. Also focusing on that subject may mean your other subjects aren’t given enough time. Remember it is important to understand the basics as new information is built on these.

Also think about if you need this subject to get into your chosen degree. At the time I didn’t, but when I got to uni I did psych in my first year so it was great to already have this background.

I quite enjoyed the challenge and it was great going into year 12 with some enter points already behind me.

Feel free to post a comment or send us an e-mail if you have any concerns about doing a unit 3/4 subject before year 12.

Good luck with the mid year exams!


  1. chanel says:

    I wish I had done a year 12 subject before year 12. I was capable, motivated and ready, yet timetabling got in the way. In year 11 the worst possioble thing happened. A boy in my class asked me, “why are you worrying so much about your subjects, it’s year 11 it dosn’t matter what you get!”. He was doing 2 year 12 subjects at the time and was acing them. I tried to rebut his statement but then realised he was kind of right, and thus year 11 lost its special meaning to me, a flaw that carried partially on to year 12. I lost my ability of dedicated obsesion, put things into more clarity, and consequently stopped trying as hard, or indeed worrying about losing marks. I got into Melbourne University, but I still regret a lot of my final years.

    • We all have regrets with VCE. I spent a lot of time thinking I could have studied better but that time has come and gone. Marks will be lost over the years and while I don’t recommend dismissing them as a normal part of the education process, it is not a reason to stop working hard. It can be difficult to get that inspiration back and it can be harder at first year because for the most part you are doing similar subjects to what you did at VCE. But hang in there. Second year is when you get rewarded. The subject choice increses by miles and you get to work closely with people who are active in the field.

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