My Average Week at Uni as a Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate

Posted: April 15, 2011 in A Week In The Life Of...
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Somehow during the timetabling process I managed to have the majority of my lectures start at 10:00AM rather than the usual 9:00AM start (yay sleep in for an extra hour!!) The dreaded 9:00AM starts that I was subjected to during first and second year classes meant Monday morning wake up at 6:30ish catch the train to North Melbourne,arriving at uni still half asleep for a Calculus 2 lecture.

As interesting as Mechanical Engineering is I’m sure that most Uni students would agree that, 9:00AM regardless of the subject doesn’t fit in nicely to standard uni-life aka sleep, eat, maintaining a social life, general wellbeing and occasional study (in that specific order).

My week starts off with a Monday morning 10:00AM Electrical Engineering lecture that I chose as my elective, followed midday by a mechanical dynamics tute (note to reader try and schedule tutorial classes towards the end of week where you have had time to review the weekly material, it helps a lot!!) and rounding up the day with a riveting Mechanics and Materials lecture at 2:15. I planned my timetable around being able to have a lunch break every day between 12-1 unfortunately this is sometimes rescheduled due to classes, but if all else fails simply eating in the lecture doesn’t hurt.

Tuesdays is an awesome day having only one lecture at 9:00 Usually meaning a day to catch up on uni-work amid, random engineering lounge discussions about completely irrelevant topics, YouTube surfing and catching up on Facebook. At the same time fretting about how much work I have due and also attending randomly scheduled engineering labs and workshops.

Wednesdays is another good day for study catch up which has accumulated ridiculously since the start of the week (work just seems to keep on coming, so make sure you get on top of things ASAP) as I only have 2 lectures; one at 10 (electrical engineering) and the other at 2 (mechanics and materials).

Thursdays is probably my busiest day of the week, with constant classes of various descriptions from 10 till 4 however I somehow manage to fit in eating and the necessary ‘nap time’ both between and during scheduled classes :). I have an engineering subject each day, which requires reading notes beforehand to get the gist of the material and knowing that when I find a concept difficult that I actually have to focus and pay attention to the lecture material.

Fridays is my ‘engineering day’, starting off with electrical engineering lecture and a electrical engineering workshop following this, yet another mechanics and materials lecture and finishing up with a mechanics tute.

Outside of uni I’m also pretty busy, having Taekwondo teaching and training 3 nights a week for roughly 3 hrs and maths tutoring for secondary school students on another night making Friday my only night off and then some work on the weekend. Overall, somehow I manage to get the required amount of work done and attend most lectures whilst still maintaining a healthy social life outside of uni.

It is important to realise however that since I am a third year student I do have less scheduled classes during the week and more study time. Compared to a standard first year course I have only 17 contact hours (sometimes more) whereas a first year may have up to 23 hours, possibly more depending on your choice of subjects. Don’t be frightened it’s all good fun and everyone finds a way to make everything work together nicely plus there’s always someone to help you sort out problems clashes etc., whatever they may be!


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