My Average Week At Uni-Kimmy

Posted: April 12, 2011 in A Week In The Life Of...
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My average week actually starts with a day off (woo hoo!) However a day off is never actually a day off. As I’m only doing part time I only have uni three days a week. So Mondays I sleep in (take these when you can as they are incredibly rare) and then head off to have breakfast with a friend. It’s really important to take time to hang out with friends otherwise you end up buried in your work, but don’t let socializing distract you. Mondays involve a lot of study and organizing everything for the week. At uni it can become very difficult to find time to eat right, exercise and relax, so on your days off try and do all these things. Moving onto Tuesdays; insane day. 9am lecture in anatomy so I’m out of the house by 7.45 to catch the tram in. 4hr break (study) and anatomy workshop/dissection in the afternoon. In that break I’m expected to revise the morning’s lecture so that I’m prepared for the afternoon class.

Workshops go for 1.5 hours and we rotate around different stations to examine particular features of the upper and lower limbs, for example, the muscles, the joints, the nerve supply etc. In workshops we can only touch but in dissections we can dissect from a complete cadaver. Head off to work in the evening and get home about 10.30 via tram. Long, long day. Lots of preparation goes in to preparing for anatomy classes. At third year you are expected to know your stuff.

Wednesdays are another day off. Head down to the dog park to meet a friend with the pets. Lots of study the rest of the day. Thursdays are another busy day. 9am anatomy lecture (bring a cup of tea along). 2hr CST lecture at noon (right through lunch!) and a 1 hr tutorial in the afternoon. Off to work again and back home about 11.30. Friday 9am anatomy lecture (again!). TGIF. I only have the one lecture but it can be a pain coming into uni for 1 class. Try and fit in a swim on my way home. Usually take a nap before work. Saturdays I do double shifts ~13hrs and Sundays a single shift. Back to Monday to do it all again.

Tips on handling uni:

– Classes are not always on every week and you need to be prepared for what is scheduled, e.g. a workshop or a dissection.

– A timetable for lectures is given out at the start of the year; follow this and read the notes (power point slides usually) ahead of time so you know what you’re in for. Lectures move too quickly and with too much content for you to be unprepared.

– You spend a lot of time traveling so make the most of it. Also buy the right ticket. I’ve run into heaps of ticket inspectors and cannot afford a fine. Melbourne uni issues concession cards to all undergrads. It only costs $9.

– Exercise even when your tired as the weeks move buy quite quickly and before you know it a month has gone and you haven’t run a single step.

– Eat properly (It’s cheaper). A lot of you will move out of home into a share house or college and it can become quite easy to stock up on junk food. Remember you will pay for it later when the rent is due.

– Work out how best you study e.g. with a group of friends or on your own, re-writing lecture notes or creating diagrams.

– Be realistic about the number of hours you can put in to a part time job. I can only do so much because I’m only doing two subjects a semester.

– Kimmy


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